While we take great strength and wisdom from the lessons of YESTERDAY, we also understand that our greatest accomplishments are yet to be realized. In an endless series of TOMORROWS, our future holds the promise of advanced educational, economic and cultural development.

Engaging Individuals & Providing
Opportunities for Success

Youngstown State University was founded more than a century ago to provide educational opportunity to the people of a region undergoing rapid industrialization and urbanization. Today, amid ever-widening globalization and advancements in new industries and technologies, YSU has become a driving force in shaping the educational, economic, and cultural future of the region.

To continue to expand in the critical role, YSU must attain $100 million in new philanthropic support. To secure such generosity, the University has identified three strategic priorities: providing educational opportunity, achieving educational excellence, and increasing YSU’s impact on the community, the region, the nation, and beyond.

Jim Tressel

President, Youngstown State University

“This ambitious fund-raising effort represents a unique opportunity to honor those special YSU relationships and memories that so many of us share.”

Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata

Chair, We See Tomorrow Campaign

“We are indeed poised to take our University to the next levels of national accomplishment, recognition, and success.”


Campaign Objectives

FUNDING GOAL: $12,000,000

Student Success Center

Advancing YSU’s ability to attract and retain students is at the core of the University’s mission. The majority of the components of the Student Success Center already exist on campus but are in various locations that do not provide the synergy of a comprehensive student support center of the convenience for the students to find all these resources in one location. Tutorial services, academic advising, career services, health, services, counseling services, reading and study skills lab, to name a few, would all be brought together to provide a comprehensive Student Success Center.

The center will be located in Jones Hall and Maag Library with an enclosed pedestrian bridge linking the two buildings. Jones Hall has long served as the symbol of YSU. Maag Library has served YSU students for over 40 years as a center for research and study. Not just maintaining, but refurbishing and repurposing these structures are keys to preserving our rich history and tradition.

FUNDING GOAL: $14,000,000

Mahoning Valley Innovation and Commercialization Center

The new center will foster cross-collaborative interdisciplinary projects between STEM, business, healthcare, the arts, and numerous other fields. Creation of the center will require new facilities as well as endowment and ongoing support to sustain and grow programs. It will be affiliated with, and expand, the University’s partnership with the Youngstown Business Incubator, the No. 1 university-affiliated business incubator in the world.

To continue building our economy and community, we must secure additional resources for programs that make YSU a vital resource in business, technology, education, the arts, and community life. This University-wide initiative will be designed to foster and encourage cross collaborations between colleges and programs.

FUNDING GOAL: $20,000,000

Scholarships and Student Work Opportunities

The quality and distinction of the undergraduate academic program must be a principal focus for YSU moving forward. YSU will redouble efforts to build its academic profile by recruiting students with excellent academic backgrounds and demonstrated leadership potential. The University has set a goal to significantly increase the number of high-caliber students participating in the honors program, from 160 to 1,300, or 10 percent of the student body.

At the same time, the University strives to remain accessible and attractive to students from all walks of life, regardless of financial circumstances; therefore, scholarships based on financial need will make up a significant portion of the scholarship goal of the campaign. Also, embracing the heritage of hard work and discipline exemplified by YSU alumni, scholarships to support student work will for the first time be pursued in the campaign. Moreover, to assure YSU’s student body is inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds, scholarships to attract students from underrepresented groups will be part of the campaign.

FUNDING GOAL: $15,000,000

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Enhancing the academic experience across all disciplines is at the core of YSU’s strategic vision. The University’s overarching goal is to become a national model for student-centered, comprehensive urban universities. That means putting the spotlight on excellence in teaching and research.

Advancing this excellence begins with an investment in faculty; therefore, the campaign will include opportunities to establish endowed chairs and professorships, enabling YSU to recruit and retain the best faculty in every discipline. These endowments perpetuate programs and academic centers, assuring these critical University functions remain to serve generations of students. College, department, and program-specific endowments will be a significant objective of the campaign.

FUNDING GOAL: $10,000,000

Campus Beautification

Knowing that campus grounds and surroundings provide visitors their first impression of our cherished institution, YSU strives to provide living and learning environments that are welcoming and pleasant. In addition to our nationally recognized recycling program, our proud tradition of preserving a park-like setting in an urban location has led the Arbor Day Foundation to designate YSU a “Tree Campus USA” each of the past eight years.

Among the planned campus beautification enhancements are the rejuvenation of the Wick Avenue corridor—the primary and most recognized entrance to campus—as well as the improvement of two of our most heavily traveled student corridors, Lincoln and Fifth Avenues. In addition, the recreation area just north of Kilcawley Center will receive a much-needed facelift that will likely include a café and other student-use amenities.

FUNDING GOAL: $5,000,000

Classrooms of the Future

Our society is engaged in a profound state of technological transition. Traditional lecture-based, paper-centered learned environments are fast fading. YSU seeks to embrace this change and afford YSU students the most advanced learned environments.

The overall goal is to create classrooms of the future in each of YSU’s six colleges, each equipped with state-of-the-art Cisco Spark Stations, to expand the classroom beyond the four walls, increase enrollment through online class offerings, and enhance student experience through the capability to revisit past lectures via a video storing system.

FUNDING GOAL: $4,000,000

The Rich Center for Autism

The Paul and Anthony Rich Center for the Study and Treatment of Autism is a national acclaimed Ohio Center of Excellence. The mission of The Rich Center for Autism is to improve educational experiences and outcomes for individuals with autism and their families through teaching, research and community engagement. They work closely with YSU Psychology, Special Education, Dietetics and Nursing departments, providing YSU students with a living laboratory for research and scholarship of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In order to meet increased demand for programming, an expansion of physical space is imperative. In 2018, the Rich Center for Autism will acquire the second floor of Fedor Hall. This acquisition will double the square footage of the Center, expanding it from the main floor in Fedor Hall to both the main and second floors, while also rehabilitating the existing classrooms on the main floor. It will include a state-of-the-art Lifeskills Learning Center, and will double classroom/laboratory space from 10 to 20.

FUNDING GOAL: $20,000,000

Annual Fund

The YSU Annual Fund provides critical support to the university and every department. Never has the importance and impact of annual fund revenue been greater. Diminishing operating budgets placed an increased focus on annual philanthropic support for colleges and departments.

Unrestricted funds provide flexible income to university officers, enabling them to seize new opportunities and undertake innovative programs that may not be possible with regularly budgeted funds. Other gifts that are designated to support programs and research also help to advance excellence across campus.

Ways To Give

Consult your financial and legal advisors for your best options
  • Can deduct up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for tax purposes
  • Avoids capital gains taxes
  • YSU Foundation receives the full value of the asset (YSU Foundation is a nonprofit and does not pay capital gains taxes)
  • IRA’s, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and Pension Plans
  • Donors can gift up to $100,000 annually from a traditional IRA to the YSU Foundation if the owner has reached age 70.5 years old
  • Bequests in will or trust
  • IRAs make excellent gifts to the YSU Foundation at death (Name the YSU Foundation as the beneficiary)
  • Gifts of life insurance by transferring ownership on an existing policy or establishing a new policy naming the YSU Foundation as beneficiary
  • Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) provides the donor income for life with tax advantages

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